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Van Nunen was born in The Netherlands in 1956 and began his career in 1983. He is considered one of the master chefs from the Nouvelle Cuisine era. Fiercely experienced with French, Dutch, German, British, Turkish, Indonesian and Cajun cuisines, Van Nunen presents his masterpieces and his background - having worked in many international hotels and their restaurants - to the guests of The Marmara Taksim.

The foundations of Van Nunen’s culinary talents lie in his extensive education and the experience that comes with all his hard work. The goal of this masterful chef is to continue to bring the standard level of quality in his sector to the heights of perfection. In addition to his hobbies, such as golf, tennis and music, he also enjoys hosting culinary tours. Having previously worked as an Executive Chef in Turkey, one of the most important characteristics that sets Van Nunen apart from his peers, is the fact that he knows about the produce that grows in this country better than locals do. He is equipped with an artillery of knowledge that is bound to keep gourmands on their feet, with his knowledge of everything from the best place to procure apricot olive oil, to the secret behind the authentic flavour of Trakya lamb.

Among Rudolf Van Nunen’s fan following are politicians, journalists, celebrities and more. The famous chef, Van Nunen, was to thank for countless feasts for such events as the AGIT Summit Dinner hosted by former Turkish president SüleymanDemirel; the Formula 1 Dinner and the Black Sea Congress Dinner. The internationally acclaimed Rudolf Van Nunen, referred to as “The Master of Feasts”, for his ability to create artistic dishes for thousands of people at once.

Rudolf Van Nunen currently works as Executive Chef of The Marmara Taksim’s and Esma Sultan Venue.


Sharing culinairy Arts to Yong generation is key for every Chef in the Globe.


When I was 8 years old, there was a bakery in the neighbourhood and all the time I passed beside it, there was a beautiful smell of bread and other stuff. There, I got the passion for bread and culinary. Afterwards, I decided to go to a culinary school. If I come to life again, I will definitely will choose to be a chef again. I was quite fortunate that I had the chance to work with AdrianusKooy, the first master chef of Holland. Afterwards, I had the chance to work with two of the greatest chefs in France especially in 70s and 80s. They were Paul Bocuse and Louis Othier.


I really entertain myself at home. And mostly I prefer to invite my friends to my place and prepare some special recipes for them.


There are many I may count but my favourites are Thai sea food noodles, most of the Japanese culinary, Dim Sum from Chinese culinary…In spring I prefer wild herb salads from Çanakkale province. In winter I prefer wild deer, pheasants. The most important thing is to respect the nature. I prefer eating according to the seasons and I always prefer to eat organic food. Since I respect the nature totally, I create the dishes according to that season. I like fish very much and my favourite is Jhon Dory which you may not catch easily. I also prefer bluefish that is caught by hand from Aegean Sea. Very specially, I would like to talk about a special meat which can only be found in Hungary and Analucia. There is a special pig called mangalitsa, and the meat of that pig is incredibly delicious. My favourites are fennel, tomato from Çanakkale and spinach roots as vegetables. In terms of fruit, I like apricot from Malatya and small melons.


I prefer organic markets and farms which respect the nature and produce organic food. For example, we bring tomato and lamb meat from Çanakkale, sun dried yoghurt from Bolu, sun dried tomatoes and olive oil from İzmir.


I mostly prefer organic bazaars and bring my ingredients from different parts of Turkey. In Istanbul, I prefer spice bazaar in Eminönü for special meals. Besides, there is a fish bazaar in Bosphorus where you may find the unknown tastes of the Marmara sea.


It’s difficult to give the name of just one country. Thai, Japanese, European…The most important thing that I expect to find in a food is its purpose. You should not just cook and serve it. For me, food has to give health to the people since we have a stressful life in many aspects. For example, I do not prefer to consume white bread as it has no nourishment value. You should get the best out of the ingredient and prepare dishes that will make you powerful against the obstacles in life. This is the reason why I call it “brain food”. This is a “creation” of a new life: food enriches us while not only eating, but making a creation as an existence.

Q: What are the first 3 words that come into your mind when thinking of Istanbul?

A: The Bosphorus, veibes & Energy, Home…And of course the People .