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The Marmara Hotels is Turkey’s “Super Brand”

Marmara Hotels, one of Turkey’s deeply rooted tourism establishments, has taken its rightful place on Superbrands Türkiye’s Super Brands list. This list, which is announced every two years, currently features 159 Turkish brands that have demonstrated their commitment to branding in such areas as financial investment, innovation, quality of labour allocation to this field and compliance with ethical standards.

With a total of 10 locations, including five hotels in Turkey, three residences, an event hall and one hotel abroad, The Marmara Hotels is one of the tourism sector’s strongest competitors and has earned the title of “Super Brand.”

Superbrands Türkiye’s Turkey’s Super Brands list is compiled every two years. This year, The Marmara Hotels was included among the 159 brands on this list.

This year’s Super Brands were selected by a committee of executives committed to branding in the public and private sectors, like President of the Association of Advertisers, Ahmet Pura, President of the Association of Researchers, Ali Levent Orhun, President of the Association of Advertisers, Aytül Özkan, Dean of Bosphorus University, Prof. Dr. Kadri Özçaldıran, President of TÜSİAD, Ümit Nazlı Boyner and President of the United Brands Association, Yılmaz Yılmaz.

In addition to the size of the organization, the Super Brands evaluation and selection process was also based on certain criteria such as technological infrastructure, financial investment in branding, the quality of labour allocation to this field, creativity in branding, support for social responsibility projects and brand consistency.

A strong commitment to service quality and high customer satisfaction are what Marketing Director of The Marmara Hotels, Miriam Dinç, describes as the principles of a Super Brand. Dinç also says:

“This year we were extremely happy to join esteemed organizations in the business, advertising and PR sectors on Turkey’s Super Brands list. This honour was the result of the financial commitment we made to consistently improve the quality of our service, our spirit of innovation and customer satisfaction. We will continue to deliver the highest quality of service, that which has made The Marmara Hotels a Super Brand.”