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City I am in love! Istanbul!14 Jan 2016

Everybody knows, Istanbul is a great city 😉 I try to use every chance I get to enjoy its beauty! I don't want to regret later not walking enough along the Bosphorus while I had the time or leave any museum out of sight. I don't want to realize one day that the small bakery where I could have had breakfast is no longer there. I don't want to move away before I've had one more cup of Turkish coffee against the view of the mysterious Golden Horn. I'd rather wake up to muezzin calling for prayer than never hear it again. I want to be out and about every day so I don't miss any of the crazy adventures of this mad city. I want to touch every stone in Sultanahmet that breathes with history. I leave my footprints in every park where I can run around barefoot. I hug every big tree when passing by the magnificent Dolmabahce Palace, so I don't miss them later. I stare at people, trying to remember every face that connects me to this city. I let the hundreds of minarets guide me when my soul seems lost. I want to lose my way among the skyscrapers and climb each one to reach the top of the world. I am blinded by the flickering lights of the Bosphorus bridge and I am divided between two continents. I'll take the sound of screeching of the boats along the pier any day and make it my music. Let the smell of the fish lure me and make me want to jump in the water. I'll walk and walk and walk all over Istanbul for as long as my feet carry me while I carry this city in my heart wherever I go!


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Need some healthy retreat that’s relaxing and fun?

11 Mar 2016

The hotel grounds are gorgeous, with spectacular views from the pool and the terrace restaurant. Our room had an enormous balcony with breathtaking views.

The Marmara Bodrum

Sevdikleriniz ile birlikte sevgi ve huzur dolu, sağlıklı Bayramlar dileriz🤍🙏🏼

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Commitment to Sourcing Cage-Free Eggs18 Dec 2020