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  • 15 FEB 2018

This year, !f Istanbul Independent Film Festival is celebrating its 17th birthday and coming together with the film addicts today. With the official accommodation sponsor The Marmara Hotels, !f Istanbul is even more exciting this year.

We've seen Lady Bird at Kanyon AVM on Valentine's Day and than hit to Backbar to dance and chat about the films with their directors. When I finally entered the Flying Carpet Suit of The Marmara Taksim, I was shocked with the amazing view and inspired just like the directors. I gathered some of the films you shouldn't miss, so here we go!

Lady Bird

Let  me start the introduction with the opening film of the festival! If you grew up in the 2000’s like me you will feel very close to Christine’s story who lived in Sacramento in those years. Saoirse Ronan; who we used to know from the movie Brooklyn is starring. Greta Gerwig, the director of the movie said ‘’ "It will make you cry and call your mother."

David Bowie

Bowie fans gather! The music section of the festival this year made a great film which is need to be archived. The film is made for the fans of the artist that we’ve lost two years a go. The film begins as a documentary about Lazarus, the artist's last two albums, The next day and blackstar and Broadway music. Don't miss this Bowie corpus!

The Florida Project

We see director Sean Baker with his most charming film of the festival. It is said to be one of the most interesting films you will ever see on childhood. Especially children's play ,will make you say " what are we if they are actors?”

How to Talk the Girls at Parties

Cameron Mitchell's latest film is gonna catch a lot of people with his name. Adapted from Neil Gaiman's story of the same name, the film is filled with the early ages of punk music.


Sevmek Zamanı

This Turkish film, which takes place at the festival, is the one that will make the face of nostalgic Turkish cinema lovers laugh. Maybe even recognize the name? Metin Erksan's Sevmek Zamanı is a story about the relationship between Meral; the owner of the painting, and Halil; who fell in love with the painting. This classic Turkish film meets with the movie lovers at the If Istanbul Independent Film Festival.


Phantom Thread

The film, which is very admirable wherever it is shown; is making its first premiere in If Istanbul Independent Film Festival. On January 23, 2011, the movie is nominated for the Oscars in 6 branches, Phantom Thread about a story in London in the 1950s. The film tells the story of two famous designer Brothers Reynolds Woodstock and Cyril. London in the 1950s. The film tells the story of two talented designer brothers; Reynolds Woodstock and Cyril.


Oh Lucy!

For those who  set their mottos with ‘’Festival is Fun!’’the Japanese Film Oh Lucy, is shown as one of the most entertaining films of the festival! The story is about a strange relationship which takes place from Tokyo to Los Angeles. Josh Hartnett, whom we fell in love with at Pearl Harbor, is also one of the nicest feminist works of the year.


Kamikaze 89

Now I call on Black Mirror fans! This is the final call for whom are looking for a dystopic adventure and a bit of tension! I'm talking about a giant company called ‘Kartel’ that takes over the media and an alcoholic cop who wears leather jackets with leopard design.. You think about the rest. Beyond that it is worth watching because this is the last film of the famous director Rainer Werner Fassbinder before he died.


The Disaster Artist

There musnt be anyone who hasn't seen ‘’The Room’’, made in 2003. The film has become a cult classic in a long time, but not because of it’s success, but because he's bad and ridiculous! We're watching Tommy Wiseau as known as ‘’Disaster Artist’’ from James Franco. Director of the room, and James Franco, the other disaster artist. You will laugh at the portrait of Wiseau, which made Franco won the Best Actor in the comedy category in the 2018 Golden Globe, with saying, “I shouldn't laugh, it's actually very sad.”


Film Stars don Die in Liverpool

Finally the move which comes to the fore with Annette Benning’s performance in each country is now in our country with If. The film is about a 55-year-old Oscar-winning Gloria Graham and her 29-year-old little Peter Turner's fine and touching love story for those who want to watch and get a little emotional here are the dates;



‘’This is a generation that has already grown, but has forgotten to live their lives. They were busy watching my infinite live broadcast."This quote which is taken from the movie, can give you a clue how interesting it is already. In The Film, I. Queen Elizabeth takes a journey in the future and goes to futuristic England takes you to 400 years later. This post punk dystopic film is one of the most vocal of the festival!