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  • 29 NOV 2018

And here's the most exciting time of the year.. We have reached to the end of another year with different happiness reasons, experiences and emotions for everyone. This was not an easy year for the entire world, or Turkey. For this reason, we would like to wish everyone a healthy, peaceful 2019 which is full of that beautiful energy that nourishes our souls. Being full of that high energy of life protects our mental health, brings healing and goodness with it. It also drives troubles and inconveniences away from us, brings us the power and enthusiasm to be able to do anything.

We wanted to put you in the mood for new year by informing you about The Marmara Collection's legendary handmade chocolate brand The Marmara Chocolate's news for this New Year's Eve. This year, The Marmara Chocolate offers delicious and unique chocolate selections with colorful and vivacious new year's packages as it does every year. Alongside with the beauty of these packages, they carry a precious meaning so that you are giving your loved ones another gift apart from the basket itself. These baskets which you can get from the chocolate store present at the entrance of The Marmara Taksim, carry the names of most precious gems in the world. These gems provide infinite goodness, heling and positive energy. We wanted to inform you about these precious gems in the world and their meanings.

TOURMALINE: Also known as "Rainbow Stone." It is usually black and bluish black. In ancient Egypt, it was believed that it passed through the rainbow on its way to Earth. That myth caused it to be called the rainbow stone. It is a semi-precious stone. It is believed that it strengthens intuition and keeps the evil eyes away.

CHRYSOLITE: It is a clear and light green type of Olivine. It is also known as "Peridot" and it's been used for 4,000 years. It is rumoured that this was the favorite stone of Cleoparta. People believe that it prevents nervousness, inhibits melancholy and delusions, also having positive effect against feeling of guilt. It is the stone of August and it is the lucky gem of Leo and Libra.

AQUAMARINE: This rare gem is known as "water blue", shaped as a prism with blue color and emerald cut. It is one of the healing stones. It is said that it is good for allergic disorders as well as protective and sedative properties. It can also be used against tension and stress. It is the stone of March and it is the lucky gem of Scorpio.

LAPIS: It is a very valuable gem. It is also known as "Lapis lazuli". It is a dark blue and navy, semi-transparent, opaque quality valuable gem. It can also be metallic yellow. It was used in ancient Egypt. It is believed that it increases the physical and communicational skills, regulates blood pressure, reduces anxiety, gives vitality and drives the children away from fear.

CITRINE: It is an orange colored stone. It can have yellow, orange and brownish orange colors. It is believed that it gives confidence and strength. Also, it is believed that it prevents depression, provides clarity of mind, instilling joy and happiness.

CHALCEDONY: Since it is shipped to other countries from Istanbul Kadıköy port, it is also known as "Kadıköy Stone". It is called "blue gold" in Anatolia. It is often mined in Anatolia, usually in Eskişehir. It's history goes back to Hittites. It has a waxy brightness with semi-opacity. It is usually found in blue and white colors. It is believed that chalcedony, which is seen as the symbol of success and power, nourishes the soul.

OPAL: Also known as "Stone of color". It is called that because of its' appearance resembling a rich riot of colors. It contains many colors. It has a transparent, opaque, glass-like appearance. It contains 30 percent water. Opal is the stone of March and it is the lucky gem of Aquarius and Libra. It is believed to have many benefits and healing properties.

GARNET: Also known as "Demantoid" or "Stone of mercy". It is a black-red stone with glass-like brightness. It is one of the oldest stones believed to be healing. It is believed that it gives strength to hopelessness in difficult times. It is also said that it gives craftiness and it removes the feeling of cruelty. It is the stone of January and the lucky gem of Scorpion and Aquarius. It is called “garnet”, meaning “grain” in Latin because it resembles a rolled Crystal.

We hope this information has been useful. Apart from the meanings of baskets, their tastes are a whole new subject. We leave that part to you to try. Dont forget to get your basket from The Marmara Chocolate when you come by Beyoğlu and Taksim. And of course, don't leave without getting a delicious coffee from The Marmara Taksim. 😊 May the energies of these gems be with you during this brand new year.  We wish everyone a great year of energy!