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Reward your body with curative skincare treatments…

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Gold Massage

Consisting of a unique combination of sweet almond oil, palm oil and 24 carat gold particles, the massage oil protects the skin from free radicals and gives an amazing sparkle and youth. The massage removes negative energy and regulates the flow of energy by opening up blocked energy points in the body. It stabilizes the cell renewal and cell functions by increasing the production of oxygen. Gold therapy is one of the most effective and natural anti-aging methods.

Gold Massage 50 min / 80 min

Swedish Massage

With the Western technique the Swedish massage is intended for resting and relaxation. All weak and passive muscle tissues in the body becomes activated. Massage with herbal oils provides relief to the body and softens the muscles.

Swedish Massage 50 min / 80 min

Aromatherapy Massage

With the aromatic oils the massage has a relaxing and resting effect on the body. When done regularly, the massage reduces mental and physical fatigue.

Aromatherapy Massage 50 min / 80 min

Sports Massage

It is the best way to reduce the stress in the muscles. This massage is intended as a therapy for the muscle stiffness and cramps.

Sports Massage 50 min / 80 min

Anti-stress Massage

Cures the circulation with the slow and rhythmic techniques. It is a relaxing experience for the body, the brain and the mind especially against stress. The main aim is stress purification, relaxation, relief of painful areas and to overcome the problem of insomnia.

Anti-Stress Massage 50 min / 80 min

Reflexology Massage

This is a massage technique applied to reflex points of the feet, which correspond to all parts of the body. It reduces the tension in the body by stimulating certain areas of the feet.

Reflexology Massage 30 min

Foam Massage

This traditional therapy with a modern twist starts with scrubbing and exfoliation to get rid of the dead layer of skin and clear clogged pores, and concludes with foam massage applied with milk essence soaps leaving the skin relaxed and smooth.

Scrub & Foam Massage 30 min / 50 min


Caviar Body Care

Provides skin rejuvenation and repair for the dry and mature skin. The massage moisturizes, feeds and tightens the skin. It is of high quality skin rejuvenation and repair process with the rich content of fatty acids, mineral salts, vitamin B, zinc and iron.

Pomegranate Body Care

Provides intensive vitamins and moisture by cell regenerative effect.

Wine Body Care

Revitalizes the skin, it is also potent for anti-aging. With the anti-oxidant effect of the grapes, the massage repairs and restructures the skin. The Vicodin and the tannins in the wine tighten the skin.

Coffee Body Care

By Increasing blood circulation the massage provides a effective cellulite treatment. It has a tightening effect.

Green Tea Body Care

With the help of green tea, the blood circulation increases, therefore transporting it to the cells, which gives health and serenity to the body. Green tea also shows antioxidant properties and by nourishing the skin it delays the maturing of the skin.

Chocolate Body Care

Chocolate therapy purifies you from the stress of everyday life by regulating the feelings. The soothing effect penetrates your skin and gives a feeling of happiness.


Hydra Skin Care

Ideal for all skin types, in need of moisture. Hydraskin feeds the skin with moisture with the help of pomegranate essence and by strengthening the natural moisture barrier it alleviates skin's thirst, dryness and gives a feeling of tightness. With its rich content it increases the positive effect on skin caused by moisture and helps the skin to produce it by itself.

Sensitive Skin Care

Ideal for sensitivity, redness and irritation of skin. Intral content of CALM COMPLEX repairs the skin while soothing it and helps to alleviate the redness. The skin relaxes day by day and regains the feeling of calmness.

Skinmat Skin Care

Yağlanmaya ve sivilcelenmeye eğilimli, parlama ve gözenek açıklığı yaşayan yağlı ve karma ciltler için idealdir. Skin Mat içeriğindeki formül sayesinde fazla yağı emerek cildi arındırır, rahatlatır ve cildi nemsizleştirmeden gözenekli görünümün azalmasına yardımcı olur.

Energy Skin Care

Ideal for skin types, which experience vitality loss, tiredness and a dull appearance. It provides strong and continuous energy for the skin with herbal concentrates. Filled with energy, the skin regains freshness, becomes more resistant to fatigue day by day and shines with youth and brightness.

40 + Anti-Aging Skin Care

Ideal for skin types, which experience age specific wrinkles (40-50 years old). The content of Predermine provides flexibility to the skin, helps it to become smooth by reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Consisting of peptides and alfalfa, it supports the skin's natural collagen and elastin production.

Anti-Dark Spot Skin Care

Ideal for all skin types from all ages, which have dark spots and experience hyperpigmentation and tonal differences. It removes the dullness and helps to reduce the pigmentation on the skin’s surface. It also provides the skin with a shining appearance and synchronizes the skin tone.

50+ Anti-Aging Skin Care

Ideal for all skin types above 50 years old, which experience wrinkles, elasticity and loss of firmness. The herbs in Stimulskin Plus content and the peptid technology provide a full anti-aging care. It increases the cellular regeneration while supporting natural collagen production. It also increases the elasticity of the skin and provides a tighter and younger appearance.