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Antalya (Old) Bazaar

From The Marmara Antalya
16 min
60 min

Balbey, 07040 Muratpaşa/Antalya

Open Hours

09:00  AM–07:00 PM



Shopping is an integral part of any trip. Doesn’t everyone want to bring something home to remember their adventures by? For some, strolling through the shops is a peaceful therapy session. For others, it is an exhilarating adrenaline rush as they discover unique finds and haggle for the best price. While there are weekly markets held in almost every neighborhood in Antalya, the Antalya Bazaar is a must-visit. Of the more than 80 markets in Antalya, the Old Bazaar has one of the widest shop varieties and most authentic experiences.  

Navigating the Market  

As Antalya’s primary market, it is conveniently located and easily navigated. Outside the market, a few stalls sell souvenirs and jewelry. However, the real market begins once you enter through the large arched entrance. Once in the market, you will make your way through numerous tiny lanes and outlets lined with shops. Part of the bazaar is covered, making it a pleasant experience to stroll as you are protected from the weather.  


Tradition of Tea 

Don’t be surprised if the shopkeepers try to serve you apple tea. This is a pleasant tradition in Turkey and allows you to relax while fully enjoying your time in the bazaar.  

What To Buy  

You can buy almost anything your heart desires at the Antalya Bazaar. From gifts and souvenirs to unique handicrafts, you can bring a piece of Turkey home with you. This Old Bazaar is famous for its high-quality copperware. You can find coppersmiths using hundred-year-old techniques to make lamps, utensils, pots, plates, tea trays, and showpieces.  

Other popular items with tourists include gold and silver jewelry, leather goods, cotton wares, local ceramics, hubble bubble pipes, blue-glazed nazar boncuğu (Turkish eye amulets), and carpets. For those looking for deals, you can find off-brand apparel, shoes, and accessories. The Antalya Bazaar is the perfect place for tourist foodies to find spices, aromatic Turkish foodstuffs, Turkish delights, and fresh fruits and vegetables. 

How to Negotiate  

Prepare to haggle, bargain, or negotiate when shopping in the Old Bazaar.  This is a part of the culture and is expected. Let go of your perceptions or your own cultural hang-ups. Instead, embrace the culture and give haggling a try. At the Antalya Bazaar, this is especially important because shopkeepers know the market is popular with tourists that may not be familiar with local shopping traditions or prices. To make the experience less intimidating, start by learning the local market. Check out some shops that are selling the items you want. Get a feel for the prices everyone is asking for. Keep in mind that shopkeepers are going to ask for more than what they expect you to pay.  

When you are ready to buy, put on your best poker face and ask the shopkeeper to set the starting price. Then, depending on what they say, counter with a price that is below what you expect to pay. Don’t go too low or the shopkeeper will think you don’t know what you are doing or are unfamiliar with the local market price for your chosen item. Meet somewhere in the middle without going over your maximum price. Don’t be afraid to walk away; don’t feel obligated to buy if you can’t agree on a price.  

How to visit  

You are in luck if you want to visit the Antalya Bazaar, as it is open all week. Depending on where you are staying, you could walk, drive, or take public transportation to the bazaar.  

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