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Quick Trips from Antalya

People are drawn to Antalya for the beaches, charming coastal town, local culture, and nearby ancient ruins. You could easily spend your entire vacation exploring Antalya and everything it offers. However, there is much more to Turkey if you travel beyond Antalya. So take a quick trip and explore one of these fascinating places nearby.  

Pamukkale and Hierapolis   

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The name Pamukkale means "cotton castle," which is fitting for the carbonate mineral deposit that looks like pillowy white cotton from afar. The white pools of water have formed over thousands of years thanks to the mineral-rich flowing water. The pools have gained a reputation for healing everything from skin diseases to circulatory problems and chronic disorders. It is rumored that even Cleopatra bathed in these waters. In addition to the pools, you can explore the ancient city of Hierapolis. It sits just above the pools.  


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Located on the Turquoise Coast, Marmaris is a popular vacation destination. Take a quick trip from Bodrum to Marmaris to experience this wonderful coastal town. You could lay on the beach and soak up the sun. Sip a cocktail while you sample the delicacies. The Marmaris Castle is also worth seeing for some beautiful photographs of the mountain views. If you love shopping, the Marmaris bazaar could be your favorite activity. Alternatively, those traveling with their young family members may want to check out the Atlantis Waterpark. It's located on the beachfront and has rides, slides, and splash pools.  



Another harborfront town in Turkey, Fethiye, is a perfect destination for a quick trip. As to be expected, there is the beach. Instead, you could check out the fish market. Local fishermen bring their fresh swordfish, sea bass, mullet, and octopus catches. With seafood this fresh, your next step should be to go to one of the nearby restaurants to sample the seafood. If seafood is not your taste, try the local specialty of gozleme. It's an incredibly satisfying flatbread stuffed with a vegetable, meat, or cheese filling.  

Lycia Rock Tombs


When visiting Fethiye, you should not miss the Lycia Rock Tombs. Head into the Turkish mountains to see an impressive collection of tombs carved into the rock. The Lycian people believed that winged creatures carried the dead into the afterlife. So, they built tombs high up in the mountains. Many tombs have an ornately decorated entrance with columns, carvings, and reliefs. Others are simple holes in the rock. Unfortunately, the tombs are empty today, as centuries of looting have removed any valuables placed within the tombs.  

Ancient City of Perge

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The ancient city of Perge is more than some ruins or a pile of rocks. It's a beautiful place to visit, with some of Turkey's most well-preserved Hellenistic structures. It is also a city that is rich in history. Alexander the Great once rode through its city gates. Apostle Paul stopped here to preach as a part of his missionary journeys. The amphitheater is one of the most well-preserved in Turkey. The Roman baths are breathtaking, with perfect arches and intricate mosaics.  

Antalya has plenty to see and do while you are visiting on vacation. Therefore, it would be understandable if you never traveled too far from the city. However, if you are feeling adventurous, there is plenty to see and do outside of Antalya. Plan to take a quick trip and spend the day exploring Perge, the Lycia Rock Tombs, Pamukkale, or Marmaris.