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Ways to Get Around in Antalya

Antalya is a beautiful coastal town with plenty to see and do throughout. However, you will need to know how to get around to ensure you make the most of your time in Antalya. You’ll find that the city is walkable around your hotel and tourist areas. However, you will need to use local transportation to travel further.  


Enjoy the warm Mediterranean climate by renting bicycles. There are stations spread out along the coast. This makes them perfect for exploring the beaches. First, you will load money onto a rental card. Then use the card to get and use the bikes. You can rent them by the hour.  

Electric Scooters 

In recent years, electric scooters have become popular. You will find them all over the city. To use them, you need to download the appropriate app. Then, you will follow instructions to pay and reserve your scooter. These scooters are perfect for cruising around the beach areas or getting around Kaleici.  


The taxis in Antalya are safe and reliable. You should have no problem agreeing to a rate before the service. There are taxi stands throughout the city. There are also taxi call buttons. You simply push the button, and a taxi will show up. This makes navigating the city fast and simple.  

Car Rental

If quick trips outside of the city are on your itinerary, then a car rental is ideal. This gives you the freedom to come and go as you please. You can bring along personal items or go shopping. You will have plenty of room to carry these items, whereas public transportation would make this challenging. Another option is to hire a car service. This would include a personal driver with your vehicle rental. If you are nervous about driving in a foreign country, then this is an ideal option.  


For a unique experience, consider taking the tram. It has a vintage appeal that gives your transportation some style. The tram route is about five kilometers long and has about ten stops. If you want to see the popular tourist sites, you can visit many from the tram route. For example, the Antalya Museum, Hadrian’s Gate, Old Town Kaleici, Karaalioğlu Park, and the harbor are all accessible.  


Similar to other cities in Turkey, you will find a form of public transportation called the Dolmus. These are minibusses that travel on a set route throughout the city. They are convenient for moving around the city to see all of the major sites. You will need small change to pay for your fare, as the drivers do not typically carry money for making change.  


The most affordable transportation is the bus system. There are buses throughout the city and surrounding area. You’ll want to check the routes and consider the time of year when deciding to take the bus. They can get quite crowded during rush hour traffic and the summer months.  

Traveling around Antalya is simple and easy. While you may not be able to walk everywhere, there are plenty of other options. Public transportation is convenient and will take you to all of the popular sites. However, renting a car or using a car service will give you the greatest freedom and flexibility in your travels.