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Free Things to Do in Antalya

The beautiful coastal city of Antalya offers the ideal Mediterranean vacation destination. The mild winters and warm summers create the perfect climate for visiting year-round. In addition, some of the city's most beautiful areas are a part of daily Antalya life. This makes it free and easy to see ancient ruins, the historic harbor, and clean sandy beaches.  

Kaleici Old Town and Harbor 

Kaleici (2)

Venture to the historic center of Antalya to see the ancient city of Kaleici. You will see cobblestone roads and stone houses that date back to ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. These narrow streets create a maze where each turn reveals a new and beautiful part of this old town. Plenty of shops, cafes, and restaurants line the old city streets. One of the best places to visit in Old Town is the harbor. Enjoy seeing this harbor that has been used for centuries. Sailboats, old fishing boats, and high-end yachts are all moored at the docks.  

Hadrian’s Gate    

kaleici-20210531-0554 (1) (1)

While in Antalya, a must-see spot is Hadrian’s Gate. It is the only remaining ancient entry gate to Antalya. It was a part of the original city wall that protected the city. It was named in honor of Roman Emperor Hadrian, who visited Antalya. The gate is a part of the local life, with people bustling through it throughout the day. Take your own walk through the gate as you admire the beautiful architecture and deep ruts in the cobblestone from years of use.  

Karaalioglu Park  


One of the most beautiful places to visit in Antalya is Karaalioglu Park. It was founded in 1943 and is considered one of the central parks in the city. Sitting on the cliff edge, you can see the beach, Konyaalti cliffs, and harbor. In the far distance are the Taura mountains standing prominently. There is a nice stone pathway that you can follow to see the best sights. There is the ancient Hidirlik Tower that was built in the 2nd century BC. Along the path are also countless exotic fruit and flower plants.  

Lara Beach 


The beautiful Mediterranean weather makes the beach a perfect destination. Lara Beach is one of the area's most popular and well-known beaches. Golden sand stretches for 12 kilometers down the coastline. So grab a towel, soak up the sun, and enjoy the crystal blue water.  

Antalya Bazaar 


Dive into the local culture by visiting the Antalya Bazaar. Explore the narrow alleys that are overflowing with vendor booths. You will see everything from fine handcrafted jewelry to woven textiles, leather goods, and famous spices. While it is a perfect place to shop, it is worth visiting even if you don’t plan to buy anything. The electric energy of the bazaar gives you an immersive experience.  

Visiting Antalya is like stepping back in time. This Mediterranean city manages to blend modern innovation with ancient accomplishments. The result is a city that has something to interest everyone. So whether you are looking for an exclusive getaway or a more low-key vacation, you can find it in Antalya.