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Quick Trips from Bodrum

There is so much to explore in and around Bodrum. Much of it you can do by walking or riding a bike. However, to get the full experience, you’ll want to travel a bit further. Thankfully, plenty of transportation options make getting around Bodrum easy.  

On Foot 

Bodrum is a walkable city, allowing you to get around on foot easily. Many of the most popular ancient sites are within walking distance of each other. With the Mediterranean climate and quaint streets, you’ll enjoy wandering the many alleys. This is the perfect way to travel if you love finding hidden gems.  


Similar to walking, biking is another great option for moving about Bodrum. You’ll find several shops that will rent you a bicycle for a day or several days. They are convenient for traveling a little further or faster than walking. You also don’t have to worry about getting caught up in the daily vehicle traffic.  


Taxis are readily available in Bodrum. The local government regulates the metered rates. So, only use the official yellow taxis with a sign on the top. The yearly rates are published, so you can confirm your taxi ride cost before getting in. Most large hotels have taxi stands, making it simple to secure a service.  


For a different experience, you can hop on the Dolmus. These minibusses act like a crossover between a bus service and a taxi. The Dolmus buses each follow a fixed route. However, they stop anywhere along the route where passengers need to get off. You pay a flat rate per passenger. Be sure to carry small change because the drivers do not typically carry change.  


If you want to travel among the locals, consider the local bus system. These buses are larger than the Dolmus buses. They follow fixed routes with predetermined stops. They travel within the city center of Bodrum and out into the suburbs. The bus system is also useful if you plan to travel to other nearby cities. Traveling on these buses is typically very affordable. However, prepare for them to be very crowded during peak travel seasons.  

Car Rental

If you plan to take side trips, renting a car is a great option. This gives you the freedom to move about on your own schedule. There is no concern about missing your bus or having a taxi with the meter running. You could also make unplanned stops along your route. In addition, having your own car lets you buy souvenirs and bring personal items that wouldn’t have otherwise fit on the bus.  

There are car services if you would like to rent a car but are not comfortable driving. These will come with a car and a personal driver. So you have all of the conveniences without the hassle of driving in an unfamiliar country.  


Getting around Bodrum is fairly easy. Thanks to the city's compact nature, most things to see and do are accessible by foot or bike. The dolmus or taxi is perfect for slightly further travel. Then there is the bus system or rental cars for traveling outside the city.