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When to Visit Bodrum

The mild Mediterranean climate of Bodrum draws you in with its gentle winters and warm summers. Temperatures in this coastal town range from about 58°F in January to 86°F in August. Annual rainfall is also minimal, giving you plenty of bright, sunny days for enjoying the beach and exploring Bodrum. While Bodrum is pleasant to visit year-round, there are ideal times to visit based on what you hope to do.  


If you are looking to soak up the sun on the sandy shores of the Aegean Sea, then summer is the ideal time to visit Bodrum. The warmest temperatures of the year are July, August, and September, with July being the hottest. The average summertime temperature is about 86°F. It is also the driest month, giving you as many clear days as possible to enjoy the beach. Water temperatures are also at their warmest, averaging in the high 80s to mid 90s. Because of the plentiful sunshine and warm temperatures, July and August are the peak tourist season. This can mean there are large crowds in the most popular places. 

Bodrum thrives in summer with dance and music festivals from May through August. Many of these are held in the ancient theater, adding a unique ambiance to the events. The Pedasa Festival has been held in August for over 20 years with folk dancing and music. Victory Day in August is another exciting festival to participate in. It celebrates Turkish Independence and victory over the invading Greek army.  

Spring and Fall  

Visiting Bodrum during spring and fall allows you to enjoy the beauty of this city without the crowds of summer or the coldest temperatures of winter. In spring, flowers bloom throughout the city like an explosion of color. Temperatures start to warm while there is a slight chill in the air left over from winter. In spring and fall, you can expect air and water temperatures to be in the 70s.   

Events pick up during May with the Hidrellez Festival and Bicycle Festival. These events celebrate the arrival of spring with plenty of outdoor activities. Visitors to Bodrum in the fall enjoy the International Istanbul Film Festival, International Wine Festival, and Bodrum Cup. The Bodrum Cup is a sight to see, with traditional wood gulet boats racing along the coast.


Winter is the quietest tourist season in Bodrum, as temperatures are in the 50s and the water is in the 60s. January is also the month with the heaviest rainfall. Because February and January are the coldest months, those looking to visit the beach tend to avoid Bodrum during this time. However, the cooler temperatures and lighter crowds make winter the perfect time to visit the museums, Bodrum Castle, windmills, vineyards, and ruins.  

 There are not many events that take place during the winter months. There is the Sucuk & Wine Festival that takes place in February. It is a perfect opportunity to experience Turkish culture while enjoying Yakut wine and Turkish sausage.  

Bodrum is a beautiful Mediterranean coastal city that is worth visiting throughout the year. Visiting during summer is ideal for those looking to soak up the sun on the sandy shores or take a dip in the Aegean Sea. Winter’s mild temperatures are perfect for exploring the city and ancient wonders.