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Free Activities in Bodrum

Bodrum is a diverse city on the water with plenty to offer its visitors. While your trip could be full of world-class restaurants, yachts, and shopping, there is so much more. Sometimes, it is the simple and free things that mean the most. These free activities in Bodrum will help you slow down and appreciate the beauty of this coastal town with deep roots.  

Bodrum Amphitheater  


This ancient amphitheater dates back to the 4th century BC, during the King Mausolos. You can visit the amphitheater during the day for free and wander the steps. The site is located alongside a main road, making it an easy drive or walk. However, for a unique experience, attend a concert at the amphitheater. Plenty of local and international artists perform at the amphitheater throughout the year. Just be sure to bring a cushion, as the stone seating can get uncomfortable.  

Bitez Beach  


Hidden behind the lush orange groves is the quiet Bitez Beach. Lay back and relax on a sun lounger beneath a generous umbrella. Or take a nap in a shaded hammock. The shallow and warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea are perfect for dipping your toes or swimming. For those looking for adventure, there are plenty of watersports. You could learn to surf in the morning, windsurf in the afternoon, or jet ski. Nearby to the beach is a hidden ancient ruin. Explore the ancient church with beautiful dolphin mosaics.   

The Windmills 


One of the most famous landmarks of Bodrum are the windmills. Sitting prominently on a hill overlooking Bodrum is a collection of 18th-century windmills. They were actively used up until the 1970s when mechanical innovation took over. Today, they are in varying stages of decay. However, even being shells of their former glory, they are still impressive. For a breathtaking experience, visit during sunrise or sunset.  

Orak Adasi


Spend the day exploring the uninhabited island of Orak. It feels almost magical as you smell the salt air of the sea and watch crystal blue waters lap the island’s shores. A lighthouse and olive groves on the island are worth seeing.  

Milta Bodrum Marina  


Take a relaxing stroll down the promenade and enjoy stunning views of the marina. There is an area specifically designed for pedestrians. It is lined with shops, vendors, and outdoor restaurants. Then along the water, you’ll see million-dollar yachts, quaint fishing boats, and cruise ships. During the day, the marina is thriving with plenty of activity. Then at night, the promenade is illuminated for a completely different experience. This is also the best place for a perfect view of the sunset.  

Bodrum Bazaar


Wander through the winding streets and alleys of the Bodrum Bazaar for endless entertainment. Each vendor’s shop features a unique mix of items that are sure to delight or intrigue. Some of the shops are indoors, and others are outdoors, so there are plenty of options to enjoy, no matter what the weather brings that day. Visit during a particularly busy day, and you’ll hear the vendors banter with each other and shoppers.  

Bodrum Barlar Sokagi  


If you want to enjoy Bodrum's nightlife, take a stroll down Bodrum Barlar Sokagi. You can enjoy live music and local DJs. Kapuz is one of the bars that does not charge an entrance fee to enjoy the music.  

There are plenty of sights to see and activities to do while in Bodrum. While plenty of high-end attractions exist, not everything you do will cost money. Add a few of these free activities to your vacation itinerary and enjoy the full Bodrum experience.