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Neighborhoods to Explore in Bodrum

Bodrum is a beautiful and diverse city. While it is brimming with ancient ruins and culture, you won’t find it everywhere. Some areas feel as though you’ve walked back in time. Others artfully blend old and new. In contrast, other areas have fully embraced modernization and luxury. Knowing what each neighborhood offers will help you choose the best neighborhood for your vacation. That way, you book the experience that appeals to you the most.  

Bodrum Town  


Staying in Bodrum Town puts you in the center of the action and the city. This area is famous for its white square houses and lush greenery. You will be near some of the most famous ancient sites and the famous underwater museum at Bodrum Castle. Stroll along the marina and admire the breathtaking sunset. It’s common to see million-dollar villas and yachts in Bodrum Town. Staying in Bodrum town is perfect for those who are looking for  



The area of Yalikavak has been a favorite among British vacationers for years. However, it has recently gained notoriety and has developed into a unique duality. There are two halves to this town. There is the old-world side that caters to the traditional. You’ll find quaint restaurants serving up traditional seafood fare. Then there is the developed side. You’ll find million-dollar yachts, high-end restaurants, and shopping here. This duality offers you the best of both worlds, all in one convenient place.  



The New York Times once referred to Turkbuku as Turkey’s version of Saint Tropez. Everyone from celebrities to Saudi royalty vacation here on mega yachts. The waters are full of yachts every summer as the wealthy enjoy this Mediterranean playground. You’ll easily find world-class shopping, dining, and nightclubs offering five-star service.  



About three kilometers outside of the city center of Bodrum is Gumbet. This is considered a budget-friendly area. You won’t find the mega yacht and million-dollar villas here. Instead, you will find beautiful beaches and plenty of water sports. It lacks some of the ancient charm that other areas of Bodrum embody. There is a thriving nightlife in Gumbet, making it ideal for those looking to go out at night. 



Right next to Gumbet is Bitez. This laid-back beach town has a hippie vibe. However, unlike Gumbet, Bitez has embraced modern development. The result is a relaxed vacation spot that comes with modern amenities. It is an ideal place for those looking for the ideal Mediterranean getaway. Evenings are quiet in Bitez, making it suitable for families.  



Visting Gumusluk is like stepping back in time to a quaint fishing village. There is a slower pace of life here that makes this area ideal for the relaxed vacationer or retiree. There is a rustic feel to the town. A small beach makes it possible to go for morning or evening walks in the sand. The town is about 40 minutes from Bodrum Town, making it possible to travel back and forth.  

There is a neighborhood in and around Bodrum that is sure to appeal to everyone. The areas of Yalikavak, Turkbuku, and Bodrum Town all offer high-end luxury vacation experiences. While areas like Gumbet and Gumusluk offer more budget-friendly alternatives.