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Quick Trips

Quick Trips

Istanbul offers vacationers a chance to see some of the oldest structures in the world while also enjoying modern technology. However, you are still in a city. While it is fun to explore, it can feel fast-paced. So take a quick trip out of the city to embrace a slower pace and experience Turkish history.  

Prince's Islands 


Hop on a ferry and take a short ride over to the Prince’s Islands. There are cute beaches, waterfront restaurants, and scenic views. You’ll enjoy a relaxed seaside atmosphere while strolling the historic mansions. There are four primary islands. Büyükada is the largest and most popular. If visiting this island, you can visit the museum that tells you the island's history.     

Gallipoli War Cemeteries 

Gallipoli Cemeteries

Established in 1973, this historical park covers 33 hectares on the southern end o the Gallipoli peninsula. The park honors the 500,000 soldiers who lost their lives on Gallipoli during World War I. The park has cemeteries, memorials, monuments, and manicured gardens. Soldiers buried in the cemetery are from Turkey, England, France, Australia, and New Zealand.  



About two hours from Antalya sits the city of Bursa. It is an ideal day trip to see the Great Mosque built in the 14th century. However, it is silk that Bursa is famous for. Its centuries-old Silk Bazaar is a sight to behold. It was once the largest silk trade center in the Byzantine and Ottoman empires.  



Home to the Temple of Athena, Troy is a popular destination for quick trips. You can expect this archeological site to be busier than most, as it is one of the most famous in the world. If you want to see the famous horse, you will need to go to Çanakkale. This is where the horse from the Hollywood movie stands.   



Sile is another idyllic fishing village located on the coast of Turkey. However, this one sits on the edge of the Black Sea. Its beaches are more secure, giving you a peaceful swimming experience in the crystal blue-green waters. While in town, visit the lighthouse that was built during the Ottoman Empire and is the second largest in Europe. 



If you are traveling to Bursa for silk, you aren’t far from Iznik. This small town is famous for its intricate and colorful handmade tiles. You will see these tiles covering the walls of mosques all over the country. Today, you will see several ancient ruins, monuments, and olive farms. However, for a unique experience, visit the tile kiln excavation site. Excavations are ongoing, with the most recent discovery and uncovering happening in 2020. You can then visit the Tile Bazaar and take a piece of this beautiful art home with you.  

Yalova Hot Springs


Located in a lush forest is the Yalova Hot Springs. The springs here are rich in minerals, such as calcium, sodium chloride, and fluoride. Soaking in the water can bring stress release and relaxation. In addition, it is claimed that the waters bring many health benefits, such as treating skin issues, arthritis, and rheumatism. You’ll have the option of soaking in both indoor and outdoor thermal pools. There are also several spa-like services, including sauna facilities, a traditional hammam, and underwater massage.  

Istanbul is a thriving and lively city in Turkey. While being in the middle of the action is exciting, it is also nice to get outside of the city. These quick tips from outside the city to nearby towns give you a chance to slow down and relax.