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Ways to Get Around in Istanbul

There is no denying that there are a lot of people in Istanbul, and they are all on the move. As a visitor, you have plenty of options for getting around. There is a robust public transportation system, making it easy to avoid traffic while seeing the sites and neighborhoods. However, there are also personal transportation options if you prefer something more private. 

On Foot 

Walking around on foot is an enjoyable experience in some of Istanbul's neighborhoods. Sultanahmet is full of historically significant buildings and monuments. You can easily walk around this area while sightseeing. You can also walk down Istiklal Street towards Galata to see the famous Galata Tower. No matter where you go, prepare for crowds.


Taxis are widely available in Istanbul, conveniently located throughout the city, including near popular tourist spots. If you prefer a hassle-free experience, you can ask your hotel to assist you in booking a taxi. Hotel-recommended taxis are typically reliable and professional, ensuring a pleasant journey for your convenience.


Take Istanbul's underground public transport by hopping on the metro. It is the world's second-oldest underground line behind the London system. It consists of 11 lines that stop at 133 stations. You'll find it to be fast and easy to get all over the city. It's also nice to escape the heat of summer by traveling underground. You’ll find that the metro is more consistent with scheduling than other transportation options.


The bus system is extensive in Istanbul. It's the form of transportation that many of the locals use to travel back and forth from the outer suburban areas to the inner city. However, they also go to the airport and major tourist attractions. There is a lack of consistency with the routes, as they divert during peak times. This can make them unpredictable.


A classic Turkish form of public transportation is the Dolmus. These are minibusses that run a set route throughout the city. You can hop on and off as you need. Consider this a more informal method of public transport. You can find Dolmus stands all over the city.  


A convenient method for getting to all of the tourist attractions is the tram system. There are only three lines, so it's visitor friendly. In addition, the tram cars are modern and clean, making for a pleasant riding experience.


The iconic ferries are the primary mode of transportation across the Bosphorus. Several routes will take you to different parts of the shore. There are also several ticket options, from day rates to monthly subscriptions. However, it's important to know that the Istanbul ferry times are irregular. Therefore, it's best to show up early. The extra planning is well worth it for a unique view of Istanbul.

Car Rental

If you want to take quick trips, then consider renting a car. It is the best option for giving you the freedom and flexibility to come and go. Not only can you travel throughout and outside of the city, but you can leave and return when you want. However, a rental car may not be the best option for traveling within the city. Traffic in Istanbul can be slow and congested. Parking can also be challenging to find.  

Traveling around Istanbul can seem intimidating, but it is actually very visitor friendly. There are several options available that make it easy to get from your hotel to the many things to see and do throughout the city.